New species of redbait from the Philippines (Teleostei: Emmelichthyidae: *Emmelichthys*)


We describe a new species of redbait in the genus Emmelichthys collected from fish markets on Panay and Cebu islands in the Visayas region of the Philippines. The species is externally similar to E. struhsakeri but is diagnosable by two prominent fleshy papillae associated with the cleithrum and fewer pectoral-fin rays (18–19 vs. 19–21) and gill rakers (30–33 vs. 34–41). Additionally, mitochondrial DNA differentiates this taxon from other species of Emmelichthys. We generate mitochondrial genomes for two of the three type specimens and several other emmelichthyids to place the new taxon in a phylogenetic context. Analysis of the protein-coding mitochondrial loci calls into question the monophyly of two emmelichthyid genera (Emmelichthys and Erythrocles) and highlights the need for subsequent analyses targeting the intrarelationships of the Emmelichthyidae.

ZooKeys, 1196:95-109

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Matthew G. Girard

I am interested in the evolution and biology of fishes and use integrative approaches to answer my questions